Maintenance & Repairs


Servicing your vehicle

Whether it’s a dead light globe or a mysterious noise, Engine 2 Exhaust Automotive provides vehicle owners throughout Darwin with comprehensive car care at our Berrimah service centre.

We deal with all makes and models and our certified technicians take great pride in identifying and resolving any issues as quickly as possible.

We understand the stress caused when your vehicle breaks down at an inconvenient moment. We can perform an accurate and quick diagnosis and arrange efficient repairs.

Regular car servicing or maintenance can help keep your vehicle in peak condition.

In many cases, minor issues can be identified and dealt with before they become larger, more costly problems that can leave you off the road for some time.

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Oil Pan — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT


From straight-forward servicing through to mechanical repairs or major engine rebuilds, we can cater to all of your mechanical needs.

Our qualified and professional team members have a wealth of experience and are passionate about diagnosing and repairing your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Whether your vehicle is blowing smoke or making weird noises, or you’ve got an oil leak, our team has the skills and expertise, with years of experience under the bonnet, to get you back on the road.

We also have access to a wide variety of parts from an impressive list of reputable suppliers.
Mechanic Repairing Car — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT


Our certified automotive electricians handle light replacements, wiring harnesses, computer control module faults and more.

Our comprehensive auto electrical services help maintain, and ensure the optimal performance of, your vehicle.

With Engine 2 Exhaust Automotive, you can be assured that you’ll be receiving quality workmanship.

Our team of auto electricians can assess and identify any electric faults you’re experiencing, will provide you with a quote. Once you’ve agreed to the quote, the work can begin and you’ll soon be back on the road.
Electrical — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT

Air Conditioning

Regular maintenance or servicing of your vehicle’s air conditioning system can help prevent poor performance, odours and leakages.

Our team of air conditioning specialists can help with everything from total repair to preventative maintenance, for most car models and makes.

It is important that a licensed technician is hired to carry out air conditioning repairs or maintenance as they are certified and skilled in the handling of depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases.
Air Conditioning test — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT

Logbook Servicing

Bought a new car? Keep your warranty valid with regular logbook servicing.

We comply with your manufacturer’s recommendations and are authorised to service all makes and models.

A logbook service includes specific services requested by the manufacturers at specific intervals. The tasks required during logbook servicing help keep your vehicle running at optimal performance.

Our qualified mechanics have years of experience under the hood and can make sure everything completed in a professional and timely manner.
Oil Change for Logbook Servicing — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT


4WDs require regular servicing and repairs to ensure the vehicle is performing at its best.

We have a wealth of experience with both petrol and diesel engines and extend our full range of mechanical services to cover 4x4s.

We look at everything from engine oil and oil filter change, fuel filters, air filters, braking systems and more.

We also provide pre-trip inspections and safety checks before you head off on any exciting 4WD adventures.
4x4 — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT

Battery Testing & Replacement

Don’t wait until you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat battery.

Take advantage of the latest in battery testing technology and let us identify if your battery is on its last legs.

We can help with pre-emptive battery replacement, which can help save you time, hassle and money.

If you need a new car battery, we have a large selection of batteries available.

We also have batteries available for marine application.

Get in touch today to find out more about the importance of battery replacement and when to replace your battery.
Battery Testing — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT

Vehicle Diagnostics

Modern vehicles require modern testing methodologies.

In-depth engine and vehicle diagnostic checks are important in this day and age with newer models featuring high-tech safety features.

We use the latest in diagnostics to identify problems on any make and model of vehicle.

We have the latest equipment and technology to detect any underlying faults that may be causing issues with your vehicle.

We provide precision vehicle diagnostics at our Berrimah service centre and welcome vehicle owners from all over Darwin.
Vehicle Diagnostics — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT


Whether you’re dealing with an emergency such as a flat tyre, or you’re needing to replace worn-out rear tyres, we are here to help.

We can also help with all of your tyre, car repair and servicing needs.

Whether you need new tyres or require tyre balancing or a wheel alignment, our experienced team of tyre specialists provide great services at great prices.

We carry a variety of leading tyre brands including Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, GT Radial, Michelin, Pirelli and more. We stock tyres and wheels to suit most makes and models.
Tyres — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT


Our experienced and qualified team provide a variety of suspension repair, maintenance and upgrade services.

As well as quality service, we provide world-class products that will ensure your vehicle is performing at its very best.

If you’re needing to have particular issues diagnosed and repaired, or if you are wanting to upgrade your suspension system, we can help.

We also provide adjustable coil covers, bush kits and after-market adjustable suspension arm kits.

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Suspension — Mechanic in Berrimah, NT


Engine 2 Exhaust Automotive provides a variety of exhaust maintenance and repair services for all makes and models of vehicles, as well as 4x4 petrol or diesel.

We also provide high quality exhaust systems, replacement exhausts and aftermarket catalytic converters.

We provide custom made systems as well as products from well-known brands including Pacemaker, Xforce, Redback and Torqit.

For optimum safety and performance, it is recommended to have your vehicle’s exhaust checked regularly by a certified technician.

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Exhaust Repairs— Mechanic in Berrimah, NT